We believe in movement - whether it be social, environmental, physical or psychological. It all comes down to putting one foot in front of the other and taking the next step. Your journey begins today, if you let it. Join us, and we’ll change the future of humanity.


This all started as a group of friends coming together around an idea of a challenge. Something to shake us out of our comfort zones, something to rattle our minds and put question marks after established truths. Our challenge is to run or ruck (walking with a weighted backpack) 100 km in September 2021, and we’re doing it to see if we can do it. To explore what it feels like. To see what that journey means for our mental state and our hearts. This is an expedition into the inner workings of our souls, not a race.

We are also deeply passionate about systemic change, and we want to create awareness around the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Each year, we will focus on one of the 17 goals, and for 2021 we’re doing number 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Without water, all of us are doomed, so we’re working with thought leaders within the fields of the preservation and conservation of water to learn more, ask questions, and spread the knowledge.

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As humans, we are born to move. It’s just how we were built, and it’s time to rediscover that ability. There are a bunch of studies that confirm the link between movement and mental health, and movement also affects our ability to think in a positive way.

Apart from helping you to improve your life on an individual level, The Rubicon Challenge is also intended to challenge our current way of life, by utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding star and highlighting a different goal each year.

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We want to look at our lives as a playground, rather than a forced course of action formed by other people’s expectations and ideas about what is right or wrong. Let’s find out what a both/and mindset really means in our daylight lives, rather than the either/or mindset that seems to be the default setting for Western society. We want to awaken your sense of curiosity about life again

The Rubicon Challenge is an important tool in highlighting the work that you or your business are doing from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective, along with being a great way to engage you employees, friends and family to develop better health and fitness levels.

For 2021 it will be SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

Support and sponsorship raised during the year will go directly to approved projects around the world aimed at solving clean water and sanitation challenges in both the developed and developing world, based on recommendations from an independent subject-matter expert advisory board.



This is a friendly invitation to explore what you are made of. To catch a glimpse of alternative futures beyond the one you might believe is inevitable. You have all you need to get started. Sign up and we’ll travel together on this adventure.

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The Rubicon Challenge is a non-profit project driven by Cross the Rubicon Foundation. The challenge is dedicated to helping people realize their full potential by testing their physical capabilities, resilience and strength of character.

We operate on a global/local level, with a central organization that actively encourages local events around the globe.

For questions about sponsorship and partnership please contact us partnership@crosstherubicon.org

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