Challenge yourself and make a difference

Change begins within. Creating a better world starts with creating a better you and understanding the difference you can make.

Go beyond what you thought possible as an individual and help move our world towards a truly sustainable future.

What is The Rubicon Challenge?

It is a 100km run or ruck-march (walking with a weighted rucksack) challenge for ordinary people – not just athletes (although they are also welcomed to join). The idea is that you alone, or as part of a group of people, complete 100km in 24 hours. This can mean five people each doing 20km or 10 people each doing 10km. For those of you who like a serious challenge, why not do the 100km yourself?

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Why is it important?

Apart from helping you to improve your life on an individual level, The Rubicon Challenge is also intended to challenge our current way of life, by utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding star and highlighting a different goal each year.

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The Rubicon Challenge is an important tool in highlighting the work that you or your business are doing from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective, along with being a great way to engage you employees, friends and family to develop better health and fitness levels.

For 2021 it will be SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

 Support and sponsorship raised during the year will go directly to approved projects around the world aimed at solving clean water and sanitation challenges in both the developed and developing world, based on recommendations from an independent subject-matter expert advisory board.

 Remember – unlike most endurance sporting events, The Rubicon Challenge is not a race against other people – it is a test of your fitness, stamina and determination to complete the 100km course – alone or in the company of friends and colleagues.

Run or Ruck – the choice is yours. Change starts with yourself.


Join us

By registering for The Rubicon Challenge you are joining a movement designed to make a real difference. We're aiming to gather tens of  thousands of people from around the world to complete 100km in 24 hours.

Once you have registered we will be in touch in the coming weeks with some special deals and discounts that our sponsors will offer participants. Stay tuned!

Remember, each journey, including self-transformation, begins with just one step. So, register now and start training!

If you are in need of something to listen to while you train, please check out our podcasts, where we will be offering training advice from experts and also taking a closer look at what needs to be done to make Clean Water and Sanitation a reality, rather than a UN goal.

Run or Ruck. The choice is yours.


The most important thing is that you register now and get outside and start training for your new approach to life now! You can read the rest of the information on the site, including how you can be a sponsor or partner, when you get back. If you are in need of something to listen to while you train, please check out our podcasts.

we never share your emails or details with anyone.

Support us

The Rubicon Challenge is a non-profit project driven by Cross the Rubicon Foundation. The challenge is dedicated to helping people realize their full potential by testing their physical capabilities, resilience and strength of character.

We operate on a global/local level, with a central organization that actively encourages local events around the globe.

By supporting The Rubicon Challenge, you reflect the values of the event – an understanding that challenges, whether in a personal or business arena, need to be faced head-on in order to promote change and growth.

There is one caveat: at least one person from your company must participate in The Rubicon Challenge. But of course, there is no limit. Why not run a Rubicon Challenge for all your employees and partners, or help to organize a local Rubicon Challenge?

For questions about sponsorship and partnership please contact us

Global Partner sponsorship

Global Partner Sponsorship

Global sponsorship means that your brand is seen where The Rubicon Challenge takes place around the globe.

Global Partner Sponsorship will help us to organize and run the event on a global level.

Global Impact Sponsorship

Global Impact Sponsorship

How can your organization help to make The Rubicon Challenge a global impact event that will change peoples’ lives?

Perhaps you can help by providing merchandise, technical support, or discounts on your product line for participants?

Local Impact sponsorship

Local Impact Sponsorship

Would you like to support your local Rubicon Challenge participants and benefit from brand exposure alongside some of the world’s leading brands?

Local impact sponsorship donations are always spent locally – not globally.


We believe in the boundless capacity in every person from all walks of life. This challenge is an invitation to rediscover your own power, resilience and happiness.

Where did the idea for The Rubicon Challenge come from?

Two of our founders, brothers Aric and Ido Dromi, had a chat about their life goals, their health, and how people begin to narrow their perspective and field of activity as they grow older.

They found themselves in this self-same situation, despite having a history of physical fitness and military backgrounds. Aric suffered a trauma that altered his perspective of what he thinks, eats and how he moves. He was determined to get back in shape and lost over 20kg within a year. Despite his history of powerlifting, Aric finally found his inner peace through running. Ido, who is ex-military, now works as a PhD in the field of Biomolecular Science. He recently became a father. He felt he was getting ‘soft’ and remembered a goal that he had when he was younger – to complete a 100km endurance event on foot.

This backstory and its effect on their approach to life, led the brothers to the conclusion that they had to do something, both for themselves, and for others in the same position. They contacted some of their friends to gauge interest in joining  them on a new adventure and The Rubicon Challenge was born.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Join us in the ultimate challenge – that of conquering and building your own empire of the self. You can ruck, as Caesar’s legionnaires did, or you can run. You have no one to beat, but yourself.

Stay in touch

We are very social and very talkative. Feel free to contact us on social media and follow our podcast or simply send us an email

When does The Rubicon Challenge take place?

The Rubicon Challenge will take place on Saturday, September 18th, 2021. This gives participants and groups exactly one year to train in preparation for the event.

Where does The Rubicon Challenge take place?

The Rubicon Challenge is not held in one specific place every year. It is a global event where individuals, clubs and groups of friends or colleagues get together to train and participate. This means that, regardless of where you are in the world, you can participate in The Rubicon Challenge in your own area at the same time as other people around the globe. Some will start in the morning, others will start in the middle of the night – but we will all start together.

How do I train for such an event?

Though our blog and podcasts we will offer training advice and tips from professional endurance athletes as a guideline for how you can kickstart your training.

Why 100 Km?

Why not? It’s something to set your sights on and prepare for.

Why 1 year of preparations?

The Rubicon Challenge is designed for non-professional athletes, so it takes time to build up fitness and stamina.

Do I have to run the full 100 Km?

No – you can run or ruck (hiking with a weighted backpack) – the choice is yours. No one wins The Rubicon Challenge. Just taking the step to register and commit to participating is already a victory over yourself.

How do I train for such an endurance event?

We can supply you with training aids to help you get started.

How much time do competitors have to complete the course?

24 hours.

Can I do this to support a charity of my choice?

Certainly. To do this you will need to find sponsors willing to support you and provide them with proof of your training and participation in the event.

What happens if I don’t finish the challenge or fail to complete it within 24 hours?

You can always try again the following year. The most important thing is that you try your best.

Can schools, football teams or other clubs get involved?
Absolutely. You can form your own training club for The Rubicon Challenge if desired, or you can join other individuals training for The Rubicon Challenge in your local area.
Is there a registration fee?

No. Why will we charge you to be healthy?

Will those who complete The Rubicon Challenge receive anything to prove they participated?

Yes. We are currently looking for companies will to sponsor this. More information will follow.

Is there a specific training and tracking app I should use?

We are working on securing a stable, effective and easy-to-use run/ruck tracker to use for the event. Resister and we will let you know when you can access it. Watch this space!

Is The Rubicon Challenge designed for people who are already accomplished runners or ruckers?

The Rubicon Challenge is open to anyone who would like to challenge themselves (health permitting). We are providing training guides for people who are beginners, so you can get support along the way in terms of preparing for the event. It doesn’t matter if you have never run or rucked. If you set your mind to it, you can do it, but talk to your doctor before you start any new training regime.

What about people with disabilities – can they participate?

Absolutely. Define the route you wish to take, gather some willing friends and go for it!

How old do you need to be to participate in The Rubicon Challenge?

We recommend participants be over the age of 16 if they wish to tackle the full 100km event. There is no upper age limit, but we assume that you will be healthy enough to participate.

How can my school or class participate?

Why not have 20 students run or ruck 5km each? That way your class can proudly say that they have completed The Rubicon Challenge.

Is the event over asphalt (roads), forest trails or running tracks?

You can choose the route and surface you will run on. Some people prefer running on forest tracks, while others are into urban running, or running on sand. This is your event. All we want is for you to challenge yourself to complete the 100km.

How many people can participate in The Rubicon Challenge?

There is no limit on a global level. Locally, if you have established a large training club you will need to ensure that the local authorities are aware of your planned route and have approved it.

Why is exercise like this so important?

Science has shown that just 40 minutes of walking per day can significantly reduce cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and stress-related cancers. We want to get the world moving and making a difference at the same time. Change starts from within.

Should I get a check-up from my doctor before I train?

We strongly advise anyone undertaking a new physical activity to consult their doctor or caregiver before embarking on a tough training regime. It’s just common sense – especially if you have an existing condition that needs to be monitored.

How will you know if we have completed the full 100 km?

We are currently working on securing support from fitness tracker tech companies which will enable people participating to use their technology to track both training and the actual Rubicon Challenge. We will come back with more information as soon as possible.

Where does the sponsorship money go?

Sponsorship provided by individuals and corporations alike will be used exclusively for projects aimed at improving access to, increasing awareness of, the need for clean water and sanitation. Sponsorship collected will be managed by an independent advisory board of experts in the field of water management. Full transparency around how the money is spent on real-world projects is our pledge.

Where do I run or ruck?

Everyone is different. Some like running on tarmac, in the city or suburbs, some prefer running in the forest or the open countryside. The beauty of The Rubicon Challenge is that you choose where you run or ruck. The only fixed element is when The Rubicon Challenge starts globally. Pick your own favorite course. Remember the only one challenging you is yourself!

Why is it called The Rubicon Challenge?

The whole philosophy behind the idea of creating The Rubicon Challenge is continuous improvement with no turning back. The name comes from a moment in history which had an enormous impact on the world.

Julius Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon river in January 49 BC ultimately led to the Roman Civil War and Caesar becoming dictator and the rise of the Imperial Roman Empire.

Caesar had been the governor over a region that ranged from Southern Gaul to Illyricum. As his term of governorship ended, the Roman Senate ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome.

He was ordered not to take his army across the Rubicon river, which was at that time a northern boundary of Italy. In January of 49 BC, Caesar brought the 13th legion across the river, which the Roman government considered insurrection, treason, and a declaration of war on the Roman Senate. According to some authors, he is said to have uttered the phrase "alea iacta est"—the die is cast—as his army marched through the shallow river.

Today, the phrase "crossing the Rubicon" is a metaphor that means to pass a point of no return.

Crossing the Rubicon represents a commitment to an ideal, a path; a way forward. We all have our own Rubicon to cross.

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